If you do bodybuilding or have experienced sports other than training, you are more likely to use a range of medications that contribute to the result of acceleration or muscle mass. May include Proviron. Before you start using it, we recommend that you study its effects on the body, as well as the correct methods of taking and combining other drugs. Proviron (mesterolone), the active ingredient is mesterolone.

Chemical name: 17b-hydroxy-1a-methyl-5a-androstan-3-one-1-methyl-5a-dihydrotestosterone. Hormonal drugs that reduce androgenic activity and significantly improve erectile function. It appeared in 1934, and although it has a long shelf life, it remains the only anabolic.

Proviron - how to take the solo course

Characteristics and characteristics of Proviron

activity: 8-12 hours (effect remains up to 24 hours); androgenic steroids; androgenic index: 30-40%; Anabolic index: 100-150%; does not hold water; low hepatotoxicity; not fragrant; derived from DHT but cannot be converted to DHT. The drug has low liver toxicity, which allows the addition of Proviron to other anabolic pills during the steroid cycle. Its action is designed to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, but its effectiveness in this regard is very small.

Therefore, it does not respond to the action of aromatase inhibitors (it will not adapt to the course of aromatization). However, Proviron can actually stimulate estrogen receptors, increasing its effectiveness by reducing the estrogen cycle. The main effect is the suppression of sex hormone-binding globulins. This increases the effectiveness of the course by increasing the amount of free testosterone in the blood. This occurs when testosterone in the human body is 80-98% active due to globulin and albumin, which bind to sex hormone and prevent the release of testosterone.

And the inclusion of proviron in this ballet leads to the fact that dihydrotestosterone, having a higher concentration of these proteins than testosterone, binds globulin and albumin, which in turn releases large amounts of free testosterone and this leads to better anabolic activity. Reducing SHBG helps to increase course of Proviron results. Proviron depends on the course when the latter effect is reduced. This can happen in the first week of the course. Decreased effects of steroids may be due to increased globulin function.

If this is indeed the case, you will feel the effect of the medicine within a week. It should be noted that Proviron is small, but inhibits the function of the hypothalamic-testicular axis. According to research conducted in St. At George’s Medical School in London, it was found that in 250 subjects, approximately one in three patients had low levels of LH, FSH and testosterone after using Proviron. In this case, it should be assumed that the use of Proviron as an adjunct in postoperative treatment may have a negative effect on each of them. Are you ready to be one of those three? I’m sure you’re not ready!

Proviron for men. What conditions are used and how does it work?

The drug reduces the side effects of anabolics associated with the male reproductive system, helps not to lose libido and maintains erectile function. Mesterolone depends on the extent to which a reduction in SHPG cannot be achieved without the use of this drug. It is often used as part of a series of steroids. As a stand-alone drug, it is not used because it has no specific anabolic properties. It is not suitable for building muscle mass. But as a preparatory phase of dangerous steroids, its use is justified. At the same time, mesterolone is used in the general course of steroids to increase androgenicity (this is both positive and negative – an individual approach is used).

Therefore, Proviron is commonly used for steroids such as nandrolone and trenbolone, which have low androgenic effects. This combination gives a positive and predictable result: increased libido. DHT plays an important role in boosting libido so Proviron uses steroids to weaken or reduce negative side effects. It is useless to use only Proviron, but in combination with other testosterone-based anabolics, you can increase the effectiveness of the latter several times.

Consequently, the conclusion that mesterolone still makes sense if it is not harmful. In this case, the dose is about 75-150 mg, the course is extended for a month or more. Proviron is often used in bodybuilding before competitions. It greatly improves muscle support. This type of positive effect is due to the low level of estrogen control in the muscle cells, which is associated with a decrease in the body’s water balance, providing a dry, high-quality and firm effect on the muscles.

This testosterone medication helps during dehydration. Enhances the effects of hormones in the body, allows the athlete to relax some nutrients without switching to protein alone. From a health standpoint, Proviron is prescribed to patients with low or persistent testosterone levels. Because the drug is not considered a potent anabolic agent, it works effectively under these conditions and is no worse than other anabolic steroids. Mesterolone is less likely to be abused, so it is very good for your health.

Proviron - how to take the solo course

Instructions for use of Proviron in bodybuilding

Providon is connected several times, of course, in 3-4 weeks. It usually depends on the first week. As mentioned above, the usual dose is 75-150 mg for men and 25 mg for women. But, as a rule, athletes evaluate the dose, increasing it to 250 mg and 50 mg, respectively. This is the maximum allowable side effect that can still be avoided. If the specified value is exceeded, the drug may cause a painful and prolonged erection instead of reducing the harmful effects of anabolic agents and maintaining a normal libido and erection. This indicates a decrease in the amount of medicine per day. The dose is divided into two or three doses. The tablet should be swallowed whole with plenty of liquid. Here are some general tips for taking Proviron during and after a course of anabolic steroids; A specialist should be consulted to select an individual dose.

Also, before entering the course should consult a doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications, tumor processes, high levels of calcium in the blood, diabetes, epilepsy, cardiovascular, kidney or liver disease, hypertension, migraine or other diseases. . In all these cases, the use of the drug is prohibited. Even healthy people should not start taking high doses of Proviron. Proviron should not be used concomitantly with PCT. It has the ability to control the production of natural sex hormones in about one in three people who take this medicine. Mesterolone maintains and builds muscle density, does not retain body fluids and prevents the effects of anabolic steroids.