The use of steroids in sports has not been a surprise for a long time. Without taking more powerful drugs, it is very difficult to keep the body in optimal shape, build muscle mass or increase the degree of rest. At the same time, powerful steroids not only have the necessary anabolic effect, but also inhibit certain bodily functions. For this reason, after completing an intensive course, you should undergo post-cycle treatment with a medication such as Proviron. The drug has the following effects:

  • Increases the amount of testosterone.
  • normalization of energy work;
  • It helps reduce the negative effects of taking stimulants.

One of the reasons why this tool has gained immense popularity is the complete absence of side effects when using it. Medicine does an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it.

Proviron as part of post-cycle therapy

The course of taking Proviron

Having passed post-cycle therapy with this drug, athletes can restore their health and normalize the natural processes occurring in our body. The athlete will always be ready for new achievements, using the drug even at the rate of 25 mg twice a day. It can also be combined with other drugs that normalize the work of the body, for example, fluodestrin or Nolvadex.

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The medicine comes in an easy-to-take tablet form, so you can always take your dose with you and use it when needed. The drug shows a weak inhibitory effect on aromatase. With its help, it is possible to block the effects of estrogen. Long-term practice of taking has shown that Proviron has high performance and is combined with various courses of drugs. For this reason, it is actively used to combat flavour. After completing treatment with this medicine, a man can return to normal testosterone production.

The globulin effect causes testosterone and other sex hormones to bind together, and Proviron helps eliminate this effect. Proviron has been used by athletes for many years, so its effectiveness during PCT has been well studied. Many professional bodybuilders note that the drug leads to a significant increase in muscle relief, and also helps to stimulate sexual desire. This last effect is especially important if the bodybuilder undergoes a course of potent steroids to reduce potency.

With the help of this drug, the decrease in androgen production will be compensated for. Proviron helps to normalize spermatogenesis, which can be disturbed under the influence of anabolics. After completing a strong course of steroids, you should consult a doctor, since the dose of Proviron in this case will be higher than taking drugs with a moderate effect.

Post -cycle therapy is the most important part of every cycle. It’s like the end of a long story. That is why we will tell you more about Proviron and Clomid pct so that you can ensure that you make the right choices during your therapy for the best results.

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What is PCT?

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is used by athletes to consolidate the results obtained when using anabolic steroids, as well as to avoid unpleasant consequences. What can happen to a man if he decides to undergo post cycle therapy? Nothing really good. The use of any anabolic steroid, in addition to any other effects, also suppresses the excretion of natural male hormones. And as we remember, testosterone is the most important part of the male body, it regulates almost all important processes in the body. So, when its secretion is reduced, it affects the whole body, causing some types of pain, hair loss, decreased libido and scary things.

But why is it so important besides side effects? How does it work? The suppressed effect of testosterone also occurs after a cycle. Don’t forget the recoil phenomenon. For different AAS users, reversal does not occur with the same speed and intensity, but this phenomenon awaits all without exception.

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What are the main reasons for inversion and inevitability?

To answer these questions, we must first decide how we get top results when using steroids. Flashback phenomenon is a term used in bodybuilding to describe the process of muscle loss after stopping anabolic steroids or other anabolic drugs. This lasts about 1 month after the course. The reversal phenomenon occurs especially when steroids are used in large doses, as well as with unreasonable courses.

So, to avoid this, you need to be careful when choosing a course, and even more, do not skip PCT. It is best to start the PCT as soon as the main cycle is finished. If you use prohormones or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), you can start immediately after your cycle. However, if you have been taking steroids, it is best to take a short break and start treatment after a week. Of course, it’s better if you have a professional guide to guide you from the beginning of the cycle to therapy and post cycle therapy, you can find one online or with friends at the gym. If you’re a skilled veteran and a gym boss, that’s good for you, make sure to help beginners not commit suicide.

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Usually when we talk about post cycle therapy, we always hear about Clomid and Nolva. But in reality, there are many options like Proviron and Clomid PCT. The first is the first. Many athletes after a steroid cycle try to restore testosterone levels with nutritional supplements, herbal teas, and other questionable means. This should not be done – after the course of the body is in hormonal pores, when the levels of luteinizing and follicle -stimulating hormones are practically zero.

Proviron as part of post-cycle therapy

When you start taking Clomid, LH and FSH levels rise rapidly and testosterone levels rise. In just a few weeks, testosterone levels return to the state seen before taking steroids. However, the duration of taking the drug depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body: two weeks is enough for some, a few months for others.

Proviron is less toxic to the liver, being taken more often during the main course, and not during treatment. Its action is aimed at blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, but its effectiveness in this case is very low. Therefore, the action is not the same as aromatase inhibitors (it will not cope with aromatization in the course). However, Proviron can actually desensitize estrogen receptors, further increasing its effectiveness by lowering the circulation of estrogen in the blood. As for the PCT cycle, start with a higher dose of Clomid and then reduce a bit, 150mg per day is considered a safe area, and combine it with no more than 50mg of Proviron per day, continuing for no more than 6 weeks.